2017 Ford F-150: Small Prices for Big Luxuries

We are taught to work hard and save money. Eventually, we'll be able to get ourselves some of the small luxuries that make it all worth it. Other's might argue - why settle for small luxuries?
The 2017 Ford F-150 is nothing short of a big luxury, with a ranging price tag that's worth every penny. Ford understands that a lot of work goes into your paycheck. They work just as hard to make sure you get what you pay for and more, with their ever improving and evolving vehicles.

This award-winning, powerful, pickup comes equipped with a 3.5 EcoBoost engine, can tow over 12,000 pounds, and now comes with a 10-speed transmission - providing smoother acceleration and optimum performance. Pick from a number of models, such as the XL or XLT, and colors to customize your pickup.

Visit Auto Plaza Ford Sainte Genevieve to discover more about this award-winning vehicle.


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