Military-Grade Materials Go into the Ford F-150

You want a truck that is tough enough to handle all of the daily work that you need to do. Everything from the bed of the truck to the frame needs to be able to handle a large weight load. Thankfully, the popular full-size pickup truck, the Ford F-150, has been designed to handle whatever you throw at it.

The steel frame was designed with a fully-boxed high-strength steel frame. But it's not only stronger than ever; it's also lighter than ever, too. By using a roll-forming process, this actually cuts down on weight by about 60 lbs. And the bed and cab of the truck has technology straight from the military. It uses aluminum alloy that is heat treated to strengthen while also reducing weight.

If you want to know all about how tough the Ford F-150 is, come in to Auto Plaza Ford Sainte Genevieve for a test drive.




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