How to Change a Flat Tire

Even if you have roadside assistance on your vehicle, there might be a time when you have to change a flat tire on your vehicle by yourself. It is not a complicated task if you practice safety, and follow a few simple steps.

When you notice a flat tire, pull off the road to a safe location and put on your hazard lights. Place a rock or block behind a tire, and set the parking brake to prevent rolling. Get the jack, spare and lug wrench out. Loosen the lug nuts before you jack up the car. Jack up the car and fully remove the lug nuts then the tire. Place the spare tire on and hand tighten the lug nuts. Jack the car down, then fully tighten the lug nuts.

After you have changed the flat, stop into Auto Plaza Ford Sainte Genevieve. Service technicians can repair or replace the tire, and they can check for any vehicle damage.


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