What Will You Tow With the Ford Expedition SUV?

When shopping for a new SUV, you should prioritize several important mechanical parameters. Equipped with a powerful turbocharged engine and dynamic all-wheel drive, the Ford Expedition meets the highest standards in its class.

Under the hood, the Ford Expedition carries a six-cylinder engine block with two turbochargers. When it works at optimum levels, this 3.5 L V6 unit whips out up to 375 horsepower. 

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What Gives the Ford F-150 Raptor Good Performance?

The Ford F-150 Raptor is a popular performance pickup truck with a sturdy design. It has a unique grille with integrated marker lights and the Ford logo in block letters. Two key performance features of this truck are high-output off-road FOX racing Shox and high-output 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine.

The high-output off-road FOX racing Shox features custom internal bypass technology. It provides 14" of rear suspension travel and 13" of front travel. In other words, you'll notice a good off-road performance as well as a smooth performance on the road because it enables variable damping rates. 

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Step Into Comfort in the Ford EcoSport

The Ford EcoSport is compact on the outside, and it functions as a crossover SUV. You and your passengers can enjoy the power moon roof. On sunny days, open it for more natural light. You can also let in the moon light, allowing your passengers to read or simply enjoy the nighttime sky. The moon roof opens and closes with the push of a button.

You can relax in the heated seats on a cold winter's day. The heated seats will keep your muscles from freezing up or getting tense if you are on a long drive. The driver…

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Technology Features That Make The Ford Focus Stand Out

The electric car was once thought of as the wave of the future, but the future is now. One of the most popular compact electric vehicles on the market today is the Ford Focus. It offers a wide selection of features that make it a state-of-the-art automobile.

Where does the battery power for the engine in the Ford Focus come from? It comes from its charging port with a four-bar lighting indicator that lets you know when the connector cord is securely in place and the power is fully charged. 

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The Ford Taurus: Technology Providing a Safer Drive

For a number of years, the Ford Taurus has been one of the best sellers for Ford. This vehicle has stood the test of time, and it has proven itself to be a reliable and safe vehicle. All Ford Taurus models are designed with safety in mind.

The Ford Taurus has several technological features that help make for a safer drive. One such feature is the adaptive cruise control. This feature monitors for slower traffic ahead. If necessary, the car will slow, and then resume speed when it is safe. 

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Performance Features That Come With the 2018 Ford C-Max

The 2018 Ford C-Max comes with an abundance of performance features that make it a top choice among compact hybrids. If you are in the market for a compact hybrid, it is important to know what each candidate has to offer, such as performance capabilities. Here is a look at a few performance features included with the new Ford C-Max.

Active Grille Shutters come equipped on the hybrid and are housed between the grille and radiator. The shutters help the engine maintain proper temperature levels, and they can improve aerodynamics when they are retracted. 

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Discover Ford F-150 Capability Features

Pickup truck owners aren't looking for anything special. They just want a durable truck that will always get the job done and never let you down. Ford has met this requirement for decades, which is why we here at Auto Plaza Ford Sainte Genevieve are so excited to introduce you to the brand new 2018 F-150 full- size pickup.

The Ford F-150 has garnered the distinct honor of having best in class payload. 

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What is the Standard Horsepower for Each Trim of the 2018 Ford Explorer?

Ford has created five trims for the 2018 Ford Explorer, and here at Auto Plaza Ford Sainte Genevieve, we're eager to get you inside your ideal model. Each trim comes with a front wheel and four-wheel drive option. In 2018, the Explorer trims are Base, XLT, Limited, Sport and Platinum.

The engines in Ford Explorer models vary with the different trims. The Base and ELT trim come standard with a 3.5-Liter V-6 engine that runs on regular grade gasoline and produces 290-horsepower in both the front-wheel drive and the four-wheel drive models. 

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The Ford Edge SUV Sporty Design Features

If you want to purchase a sporty midsize SUV that is going to make you the talk of the neighborhood, consider all the features in the new Ford Edge from Auto Plaza Ford Sainte Genevieve. Here are some design features making waves with Missouri drivers this year.

It will be hard for your neighbors not to notice your new Ford Edge rolling down the road. The first thing you notice is the sporty painted 19-inch wheels. Next, blackened headlights and a cool rear spoiler are hard to miss. Add into the mix the mirror caps, front grille, and skid plates…

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How to Test Your Car’s Battery

If your vehicle has started requiring a few tries to turn the engine over, it could be a sign that the battery may need some attention. The extreme temperatures of winter can be very wearing on the charging system. There are a couple of checks you can run to determine the health of the battery. The first is to fill the cells with distilled water if they are low. The next is to establish it has the proper voltage.

After connecting your fully-charged battery to a voltmeter, you should get a read of at least 12.6 volts. Reading it…

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